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How long have Smart Drivers been in business

Smart Drivers Driving School was established in 1998 by Martyn Lison.

Why Smart Drivers Driving School?

Martyn's approach is built on a belief that each driver deserves the best advice and guidance to make them a safe driver. His philosophy is one of safety first. This conviction is reflected in his calm and patient manner. Martyn is unique in that he is able to work with special needs adults who want to learn to drive.

What does Smart Drivers School offer?

Smart Drivers Driving School's goal is to prepare learners for both their learners and drivers licenses.

Smart Drivers driving school instructors teach safe, responsible driving skills in a patient and professional manner. Driving lessons are designed to cater to the learner driver's unique needs. The instructors encourage the learner driver to ask questions and answer them respectfully and professionally.

Who Smart Drivers teaches

Smart Drivers School instructors cater for a whole spectrum of potential drivers ranging from;

  • Young first time learner drivers
  • Older first time learner drivers
  • Drivers who have not driven for a long period and want refresher lessons
  • Companies who want to assess their drivers on regular basis
  • Companies who want an assessment prior to employing a driver
  • Foreign nationals wishing to drive in South Africa
  • Special needs learner drivers (special driver training program is developed to cater for each individual learner driver)

What licences do Smart Drivers cover

We assist learners in understanding what to expect in their learners test by ensuring that they understand and know their rules of the road as well as road traffic signs. This assists the learner in becoming a good and safe driver.

We cover the following licences:

  • Learners lessons for all codes
  • Driver licences (CodeB)

What areas do Smart Drivers operate in?

Lessons are given in areas from Roodepoort to Midrand. Learner driers are taken on specific routes familiarise themselves with the area that they will be doing the test in.

How many lessons will I need?

Learning to drive is an individual process and is dependent on the individual. Learning to drive should not be seen as a race. Safety is a priority when learning to driver and the learner driver must be comfortable and confident by the time they go for their drivers test. As parents know it is a whole new nightmare when your children start driving. By ensuring that your child gets sufficient driving lessons to make them comfortable and confident will buy you a little piece of mind when your child starts driving on their own.

What are the costs of driving lessons

Our rates are as follows;

  1. Hourly Rates
  2. 10 hours booked and paid for in advance is R180.00 per hour for learners lessons and includes an extra free lesson.
  3. 10 hours booked and paid for in advance is R250.00 per hour for driving lessons and includes an extra free lesson.
  4. Service level agreements with companies who employ our services on a regular basis to assess their drivers.

Add on services

  1. Use of the Instructors vehicle for test (this is at the normal hourly rate)
  2. We offer a learners licence package (collect from home, drop off at testing station and collect from licensing station and drop the learner back home).

What are the most important factors in of safe driving;

  • Learn the rules of the road
  • Respect all road users
  • Be vigilant of pedestrians and road conditions
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Keep your car roadworthy

How do I make a booking?

  • Phone or SMS: Martyn on 072 535 7132
  • E-mail:
  • Web: Leave you details here and we will contact you.

What do I need to book my learner's license test?

All test bookings must be made by the applicant in person, however a Smart Drivers instructor will happily accompany the applicant to help with the process. No bribery and corruption will be entertained and tolerated.

You will need the following to book your learners license test;

  • Identity Document + 1 photo copy
  • R108-00 (one hundred and eight rand)
  • 4 x Black and White Identity Photos approx. R55-00
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before.

What do I need to book my driver's license test?

  • Identity Document + 1 photocopy
  • Learners License + 1 photocopy
  • R228-00 (two hundred and twenty eight rand only)
  • 4 x Black & White ID Photos (± R55-00)
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before.

Online Help

There are a couple of online resources to help with familiarising yourself with the traffic rules and signs:

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